Tuesday, April 27, 2010


She remembered fragments of myself that I have left behind, like how I broke chopsticks for her and poured creamer into MOS Burger Iced Tea on her behalf. She asked me why we didn't date, and I thought to myself, 10 years ago, I was just too unsure of myself.

Friday, April 16, 2010


The Straits Times featured an article today on the dreams and aspirations of today's Singaporeans. It was not surprising that the same dreams that we had as a nation in the 90's: the 5Cs: Cash, Credit Card, Car, Condominium and Country Club membership were used as the benchmark for comparison. In the 90's I was a mere student, and the 5Cs were just obscure concepts that we knew and poked fun at.

Fast forward a decade. As a young working professional, this "5Cs" concept triggers an involuntary self-reflection. Is this what I am working so damn hard for? Being tied down to a lifetime of mortgages in an economy where the flavour of the decade shifts from manufacturing to health sciences to financial services to.. [insert new industry here]. Yes, I know the effects of the above are somewhat mitigated in my industry but it does not stop one from thinking, even dreading, the almost certain eventuality of being obsolete in a world that does not cease to change.

We spoke about this. Yes, I do dream about a life like this. However, on days like these, it hits me that I cannot just continue doing what I am doing without reflection because time just slips by as we drone on in our mundane lives. Case in point, 3 months have already slipped by, just like that. As I leave my green & blue the end of this month, I need to satisfy myself that if I have already voluntarily clipped my wings, I cannot have any regrets being housed in a cage.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Yeah, its plain to see
That baby youre beautiful
And theres nothing wrong with you
Its me
Im a freak
But thanks for loving me
Cause youre doing it perfectly