Friday, October 1, 2010


She said to me tonight, "I don't like you when you are intoxicated". I sobered up with a start. This was one of the last things I expected to hear after a nice 5 course dinner and wine with friends we've both known for years. I held my tongue, and I took it in during the rest of my journey back.


How much of a relationship is compromise, how much requires work, how much demands sacrifice? We are all painfully clear that nothing comes without a cost. The extroverted dreams that fiery Aries used to have, his passion and his drive, unknowingly routed by the introverted water sign Scorpio. Yet he does this willingly, for he knows that there are certain gifts that he must treasure. Even so, there are nights like these where doubt creeps in and he turns in, unsure like a wandering nomad ascertaining his bearings.

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  1. Well I like it when I am intoxicated... haha.